April 10, 2019


Yet another procedure for Alex' back:

My Pain Management Doctor, Arun Joseph, Recommended yet another piece of electronic gear, to minimize the pain in my back.  Called Spinal Cord Stimulation, it is similar to a TENS Unit, which delivers an electrical pulse to portions of the body, to help and quiet pain.  The TENS Unit is external, while the Spinal Cord Stimulation is Internal.

On Trial?

Wednesday, the 10th of April, early in the morning, they will anesthetize me, and implant two stimulation electrodes on my spinal cord, with the wires actually coming outside, to the trial unit.  Based upon how well this works, if we go ahead with it the actual unit will be buried in my body, similar to the Pain (Intrathecal) Pump I now have.  An electrical current will, at my direction only, be delivered to the electrodes, which will then stop the pain signal from reaching farther up the spin, into the pain centers of the brain.

I will wear this temporary unit for a week to ten days, after which they will remove it and evaluate how effective it is.  If they, and I, agree that it is worth pursuing, they will then place the unit and electrodes permanently, giving me a remote with which to send the signals to my spine.


Please ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to send Strong Prayers my way.  Prayers to wrap me in a healing blue blanket, to guide the specialist's hands and instruments, to perform the procedure as perfectly as possible. Doctor Joseph, BTW, is a Leo with a lovely sense of humor and has the best vibes as well, and Eliza and I trust him completely when he recommends this as a method, combined with the Pain Pump, to keep the pain to a minimum.


Please also wrap Eliza in a blanket of calm comfort, as she waits for me to emerge from the anesthesia, and the procedure.


May the Divine Spirit return your Good Deeds to you, with Many Blessings, Many-fold.  Thank you all, very much!