April 20, 2018

Brian Kellow

In an email from Kushi, entitled:  "Man Plans, God Laughs," we received this update:

Although not by any means easy for Brian, the April 17th flight with the cats (who were angels) and St. John (Manis) of Boston was uneventful until we were deplaning and I got the text: “Elevator out at your building.“ I called another of our NYC angels, Jessica Hirshbein, who opened her home to us, and her next door neighbor’s to the kitties (Jessie is very allergic—as is John, it turns out! These sweet, sweet folks...)  Although they started working on the elevator, it was not finished until the next day — so we had a really wonderful surprise sleepover (with Chinese food) Chez Hirshbein.

The next afternoon, assisted by two wonderful guys from Broadway Cares, courtesy of Tom Viola, we got a wheelchair accessible cab plus one for the bags. And of course, my super had not put the ramp out (if there even is one), so three of us hoisted Brian (and chair) up the six steps to the lobby, and the bags, and those BCEFA guys helped me get him situated on the bed.

At last.

Uneventful night; but I was increasingly concerned about Brian’s weakness and “brain fog.”

He was very low energy at breakfast.  Around two o’clock he called my name.  Another seizure.

He was aware for the whole thing, but I was silently grateful, as I knew this was an emergency that his Florida Blue would cover. He starts on my SAG-AFTRA insurance on May 1, but till then he’s on an HMO.

I’m in the ER now. BK is sleeping, waiting for a room. Not what we’d have chosen for homecoming, but ultimately a good thing.

Today as I was cleaning Brian after the seizure (while the EMS gals were on the way) I was acutely aware of what a privilege it is to take care of someone I love so much.  But I was also aware that for the care he deserves and requires, Brian needs to be attended by professionals.

The kitties were delivered at about 6:30 this evening. Miss Betty does not know what she’s in for.  Or maybe those two big FL tomcats will have their clocks cleaned...

But for now, Daddy needs to get better.

Love to all—I will keep you informed.


Please ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to send Strong Healing Prayers to Brian and Kushi, and help them to overcome the difficulties - challenges - and feel the Healing of the Divine Spirit's embrace.

And may your Good Deeds be returned to you, many-fold.  Thank you all, very much!

Healing Buddha Image