April 5, 2018

Pat Patrick

James "Pat" Patrick is Helene's ex husband. Helene was able to get him to a local hospital's ER today:

Pat's been unable to stand and walk for about six days, refusing assistance and refusing to be taken to the hospital. Today, with the help of another Home Health Professional from Helene's agenc, they were able to get Pat cleaned up and with the assistance of the First Responders from the ambulance crew, into Helene's car.  The ER people at Halifax Hospital helped get him into a wheel chair and into the Emergency Room, where they are currently working on him.

The Paramedics who responded to Helene's call stated that his vital signs are stable and within normal limits, but advised they would have to charge an enormous amount to take Pat to the hospital, as his current health coverage didn't cover transport with good vital signs.

What his disposition will be is still up in the air; Pat is about 83 years old and, until recently, was very vital. He still smokes too much and his consumption of adult beverages is a bit too high.

Pat needs Strong Prayers for Recovery to Good Health.

Thank you,


Please send Strong Prayers of Strength and Healing to Pat Patrick.  Please ask the Divine Spirit to wrap Pat in a Blue Blanket of Healing and Love.

And, may the Divine Spirit return your Good Deeds and Good Karma, many-fold.

ET's Lotus from Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

ET's Lotus, from Brooklyn Botanical Gardens; reproduced with permission.

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