August 6, 2019

JoAnne Klement

We read in Thai's August email about our Dharma Sister, JoAnne Klement:      

As Thai was writing about JoAnne, her cell phone rang and it was Joyce Lynn, JoAnne's sister.

JoAnne has a condition called paraneoplastic syndrome, a rare disorder that is triggered by an altered immune system such as cancer.  (Joanne also has lung cancer.)  It affected her nervous system and she has been extremely debilitated, including loss of the ability to use her hands and feet.  [Paraneoplastic syndromes may be the first or most prominent manifestation of a cancer]

About a week ago, JoAnne fell and broke her arm.  As a result, she started to rapidly go downhill.  She is now in hospice care and is refusing food.  She says she has had enough and is ready to go on ahead.

Evidently, since moving to Vermont, she has reached out to some Zen practitioners and they have been visiting her in the hospital and praying for her.  All of this has been since Wednesday.

Please send strong prayers to our dharma sister JoAnne Klement.  Help her to pass over peacefully and with a happy heart.  Ask your Spirit Teachers and Guides to surround her with Divine Light.

If you would like to speak to JoAnne's sister Joyce Lynn, her phone number is (802) 793-0225.

We know that JoAnne will appreciate any help we can give her at this time.

Please, spin your Prayer Wheels and ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to surround Joanne Klement with Healing Energies, as she goes on ahead.

May your Good Deeds and Good Karma be returned to you, many-fold.

Healing Buddha Image

Healing Buddha Image