August 29, 2018


The Rotund Leo!

Alex' back pains have kicked up quite a bit lately, as has his weight gain.

He is now on medicine to arrest obesity and weight gain.

For his back pain - which is back to being as bad as before the pain pump was implanted - Alex will go through a series of Cortisone shots in the Facet Joints, which are those little things coming out of each side of each vertebra - to the left and right - and through which the nerve root passes to reach the extremities, as well as other parts of the internal body.

His Intrathecal Pump is not performing as well as when it was first implanted and, according to the Doctor, it is nearing the end of its practical life. When just under 7 years or fewer than 78 months remain, it must be replaced with a new one. It was originally implanted in July of 2012. Imagine an alarm beeping when it gets close to time to replace it, and people asking what's that noise, coming from your butt <BG>?

Alex will go under the knife - as an outpatient or ambulatory surgical patient - for the facet joint shots, next week on August 29th which is the 49th anniversary of his Bar Mitzvah.

Please spin those Prayer Wheels for Alex, and ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to send Strong Healing Prayers his way.  Include prayers asking Ellen and Winn to wrap Alex in a healing blue blanket and envelope him in the Divine Spirit's Healing Strength.


And, may your Good Deeds be returned to you, many-fold.  Thank you all, so very much!


Alex at 70

 Alex, a bit younger.