December 14, 2017


We received a call from Thai this evening, regarding Eirene, still in hospital. Eirene needs our Strongest Prayers:

Dear Friends,

Eirene needs another surgery.  It is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday, December 15, 2017.

It seems that she has had an allergic reaction to the mesh they inserted to close up the herniated area.  Her body has rejected it and she is very badly infected.

The surgery will be in three stages:

1 - Take out the infected mesh and replace it with another type of mesh; one to which she is not allergic.

2.  Clean out the toxins which have seeped into her body.

3.  Decide how to finish, either repairing the site of the colostomy, or putting in a new bag at another location.

Please take a minute to send Healing Energy and Divine Light to Eirene and her Medical Team.  Send The Divine Spirit to supervise, and guide her surgical team to a successful surgery.

Eirene wishes to thank you in advance for your Prayers and Kind Wishes in sending your Divine Spirit Guides and Teachers to provide Strength and Healing.

Thank You All, for cranking up your Prayer Wheels and sending Healing Prayers.

Please ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to send Prayers of Strength, Healing and Comfort to Eirene.

Thank you all, very much!  We pray your Good Deeds be returned to you many-fold.

Healing Buddha Image

Healing Buddha Image