February 12, 2017

Gary Michael

We received an email from Gary Michael Prottas:

For my home, my office, my health, my finances.

Still sick with literally no money. My landlord is trying to illegally evict me even though my rent was paid & I have proof, he's claiming he was not paid.

Also, I have to get to my former office on Monday- even though I should not go back since literally become more ill when I go there! To turn on my office phone or else I will lose my office number.

I lost my cell phone and I'm picking that up on Monday as well, by walking to west 43rd Street to get my phone.

If I can't buy a certain food I will get more sick. I don't have any money to get this food.

Please send prayers - a miracle needed.


Please ask the Divine Spirit to send Gary Michael Strong Prayers for healing on al levels, and ask your Spirit Teachers and Guides to help provide for his needs.

Thank you for all you do to help others, and may the Divine Spirit return your goodness, many-fold.

Gary Michael Prottas, in better times; photo by Alex, published with permission.