February 6, 2018

Brian Kellow, requested by Kushi

We received an email Request for Prayers from Kushi today:

For I’m in NYC for a few days, and just got called that Brian (who is in Miami, and I had been unable to reach last night and again this morning) is in the ER.

He had what looks like another big seizure, although it may (also?) have been a stroke.

His left side (which was the side affected by the initial seizure and tumor) isn’t working; he was compos but unable to get to his cell phone since last night.

Once again, I reach out to my friends and their Teachers and Guides for healing and guidance:  for Brian, his doctors, and for me.

Sending you all much love and appreciation for your help,


Please ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to send Strong Prayers of Healing and Comfort to Brian Kellow, that his health returns to normal, and he comes out of Hospital stronger than before. And send Prayers of Comfort and Calm to Kushi, as being so far away from Brian is not easy, and he needs Strength to Power Through.

And may your Good Deeds be returned to you, many-fold.

Thank you all, so very much!

healing Buddha Image

Healing Buddha Image