February 22, 2018

Brian Kellow

We received an email from Kushi - Scott Barnes - with an update on Brian Kellow:

"A rough time in Miami. I'm in NYC right now, for my own doctor appointments and to take care of things on my home computer (I've been doing everything on an iPhone, which, miraculous though it may be, is just too tiny for this 63 year old!)

Brian had another big seizure while in rehab on Monday, February 19 at 7 pm. I was with him, and he was bedside--so there was no fall, just four minutes that were really terrifying for him.

Unfortunately, Brian's initial progress in rehab has not continued. Part of this is the cognitive deficit he has also experienced:  he can accomplish the modest physical tasks the PT folks ask, but he doesn't retain the information; so each day it's as if he's never gotten in or out of the wheelchair before, used the urinal, etc. He is also having trouble with time of day, and time in general.

The change of seizure meds (although not quite strong enough dosage-wise) was a good one:  the suicidal thoughts, paranoia, and deep separation anxiety have abated.

I've asked the rehab manager to keep Brian there till March 3, when I can get back to bring him to the Miami apartment. And Brian's oncologist has promised to intercede as well. However, we all know about medical insurance, so if my request is refused, I have to rebook to get down to Miami, unless we can find someone who would be willing (and capable) to do it in my stead.

Brian and I are still wrapping our heads around the realization that he can no longer (for the foreseeable future) be on his own for any part of a day. He can not walk unaided, as his left leg, arm and hand have not progressed much beyond the first days of rehabilitation. And using his tiny iPhone is almost impossible without someone there to help him.

On the cancer front, Brian started his second round of chemo on the 20th, this time double-strength, but only for five days, with a twenty-three day break to follow. And then they will scan him again.

Brian has always been such a forceful, autonomous guy; this is very, very difficult for him. I ask for Strong Prayers and Guidance not only to heal physically and mentally, but also to accept where we are today.

Love and thanks from Kushi."

Please crank up your Prayer Wheels and ask the Divine Spirit help Brian to Heal; wrap him in a Blue Blanket of Healing and comfort, and bring his mental faculties back, to give him clarity of thought.  And if he needs it, please bring Brian cessation from pain.  Keep both Kushi and Brian in your Healing Hands and Strong Embrace.

And Thank you all for your Strong Prayers and Good Deeds; may they be returned to you, many-fold.  Thank you very much!

Brian Kellow

Brian Kellow