February 28, 2019


As you might recall, I have recently had a number of micro-surgical procedures which were preceded by a series of steroid injections into my Facet Joints; these are where the nerve roots pass through from the spinal cord, on their way to other parts of the body.  There were eight shots on each side of the spine, on two separate dates.  The surgical procedures which followed used a technology called Radio Frequency Ablation to burn the nerves, in an effort to stop extreme pain from travelling up the spin into the brain.

The RFA steps were successful in some cases, and not so much in others.

As a result, my Pain Management Team is going to put me on a trial for a new technology which essentially mimics the work of a gizmo called a TENS Unit, the difference being the electrodes will be implanted on my spinal column.  It is intended to immediately stop the extreme pain which I experience every day upon awakening.

Before this all happens, they must replace the Intrathecal Pump, which is nearing it's end-of-life, as set by the manufacturer; that life is seven years; it was implanted in July of 2012.  As it gets close to that end date, the pump will begin to beep.  In order to avoid people asking me, "Why is your butt beeping?" the Surgical team will replace the pump on February 28th. It's unclear whether I will be staying overnight at the surgical center at this time but, if so, Eliza will contact Thai to send out a further request for prayers.

I do apologize for the length of this Call for Prayers; the actual procedure will most likely take less time than it took to read this. [Yes, it's my laugh to keep from crying attitude, brought to you by Pink Cloud.] Actually, they expect the surgery to take up to three hours. I will be under anesthesia all that time.

Please crank up your Prayer Wheels, and send prayers that the surgeon is well guided, the surgery  successful, and that I will have an easy, quick, and painless recovery.

Please ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to send me Strong Healing Prayers and wrap me in a Blue Blanket of Healing to promote a quick return to good health.

And may your Good Deeds be returned to you, many-fold once again.  Thank you all, very much!

Donnie's Healing Buddha Image 

Healing Buddha Image