July 8, 2017


We received this from Su more than a week ago and, due to my own surgery, I missed seeing it until this morning.  I pray that Su will forgive my lateness in posting this.

Friday morning, June 23, I miss-stepped entering an office building and landed on my knees and palms of my hands. The bulk of the landing was on my right knee.

The right knee is very badly bruised.

I'm asking for healing prayers so that the swelling will go down and the bruising will heal. My walking has been curtailed and I'm on ice packs 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. 

I've seen a doctor and x-rays reveal no broken bones, just a very badly bruised and swollen knee that is quite uncomfortable. Your prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Please ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to continue to send Strong Healing Prayers to Su, and wrap her and her knee in a Blue Blanket of Healing and comfort while she heals completely.

And may your Good Deeds be returned to you, many-fold.  Thank you all, very much!

Healing Buddha Image

Healing Buddha Image