July 22, 2018

Brian Kellow

We spoke with Kushi a short time ago:

It is with deep sadness that we report, at approximately 2:30 am today, Brian Kellow moved on into The Spirit. The complications from his brain tumor were finally too much for his body to endure, and the Divine Spirit knew it was time to bring him home, to prepare for his Journey through the next plane.

At this point it is our request that you send Strong Prayers for Guidance through the next level for Brian, and Strength for Kushi, to heal his Spirit after all the Love and Comfort given as a Care Giver.

Please hold off on phone calls, as Kushi needs quiet for a short while.  At some point, he will be reviewing his email and, we're sure, ready for the many calls of Comfort and Love from his Dharma Brothers and Sisters.

Please keep those Prayers and Good Thoughts coming.

Please keep those Prayer Wheels spinning.  Ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to continue sending Strong Healing Prayers to Brian, as he embarks on his New Journey.  Include extra prayers to Ellen and Winn that Brian and Kushi be enveloped in the Divine Spirit's Healing Strength.


May your Good Deeds be returned to you, many-fold.  Thank you all, so very much!


Brian Kellow, in Good Health.