March 16, 2018

Hannelore Hann

Thai sent us an urgent email:

Dear Friends,

I received the following email from Elizabeth Stoumen, Hannelore Hahn's daughter.  She gave me permission to send it out to all of you.

Hannelore was one of Ellen's earliest students.  She now needs our help.

Please send prayers for the best possible outcome.  And also to her daughter Elizabeth for good strength to cope with all of this.

If you know Hannelore and Elizabeth you might want to give them a call or send an email to wish them well. 



Elizabeth 12:02 PM

Dear Thai:

My mother has severe aortic stenosis. She is going to have a heart valve replacement procedure called TAVR (not open heart surgery) probably on Monday, April 16. This will happen at Cornell-Weill (part of the Presbyterian Hospital) in New York City.

We welcome your and Ellen's prayers for a successful procedure and speedy recovery.

Warm regards from us both,



Please, crank up your Prayer Wheels; ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides for the Strongest of Prayers.  May the Divine Spirit envelope Hannelore with a Blue Blanket of Healing and Comfort, and extend your Prayers of Healing and Comfort to Elizabeth.

May your Good Deeds, Kind Wishes, and Strong Prayers be returned to you, many-fold.

Thank you all, very much!


Lotus; photo by ET, printed with permission.