March 29, 2018

Ken K's Mom Betty

From our good friend and neighbor, Ken :

After my mother was in hospital for a few weeks in January, she was released to go home.  She was enrolled in physical therapy, to regain the strength in her legs and build up her stamina.

But we recently found out that her heart is not recovering as well as the doctors wanted, so she will have open heart surgery in the next couple of weeks; the date is not yet set.

Please ask your Friends - who sent Mom prayers back in January - to again send her Strong Prayers for Healing and Strength.

And Thank you all, very much,


Ken and his family are dear friends, and live two houses away.  His Mother, Betty, lives back in Michigan.

Last time his mother was in hospital, we sent out a Prayer Call and let him know what Prayer Call is.  He was pleased that we had such a network of Dear Friends and Extended Family, with whom we could generate Healing Prayers for his mother. And the Prayers Helped!

Let's do it again.  Please send Strong Prayers for Healing and Comfort to Ken's Mother Betty, and ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to wrap Betty in a Blue Blanket of Healing, guiding her doctors to a successful surgery.

And may your Good Deeds be returned to you, many-fold.

Thank you all, very much!

Iano's Buddha Image ainting

Special thanks to Adriano Valentino, for his painting of a Buddha Image.