May 30, 2019


Yet another procedure for Alex':

To review:

My Pain Management Doctor, Arun Joseph, Recommended yet another piece of electronic gear, to minimize the pain in my back.  Called Spinal Cord Stimulation, it is similar to a TENS Unit, which delivers an electrical pulse to portions of the body, to help and quiet pain.  The TENS Unit is external, while the Spinal Cord Stimulation is Internal.

A Trial Becomes Permanent

Thursday, the 30th of May, sometime between 9:30 am and 10:30 am, the doctors and specialists at the Alliance Ambulatory Surgical Center will anesthetize me, and implant two stimulation electrodes in the Epidural Space around my spinal cord.  These wires will be attached to a Spinal Stimulation unit; this will then be implanted in my back, high up on the right butt cheek.  [The pump is on the left side].  It will give me the ability to turn up an electrical current which will interfere with the pain signals going to my brain and, finally, provide relief from the nearly constant pain from my damaged disks and other issues with my back.

I will be released to return home the same day, with a new gizmo to activate this Spinal Stimulation unit, as needed.

Please ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to send Strong Prayers my way.  Prayers to wrap me in a healing blue blanket, to guide the Surgeon's and Specialists' hands to perform the procedure as perfectly as possible. My Specialist, Doctor Arun Joseph, is a Leo with a Leo's sense of humor.  He will be assisting Dr. Malik in the procedure.


Please also wrap Eliza in a blanket of calm comfort, as she waits for me to emerge from anesthesia, and the procedure.


May the Divine Spirit return your Good Deeds to you, with Many Blessings, Many-fold.  Thank you all, very much!




Alex, looking forward to another gizmo