May 26, 2018

Brian Kellow

We received an email from Kushi a short while ago:

At about 10:30am on Wednesday, as I was waiting at the elevator in our building, Dr. Fusco, the physiatrist at Rusk Institute for Rehab (where Brian had been for almost 2 weeks) called to tell me that Brian had been seizing since about 9 am, and they couldn't get him to stop; so they had just intubated him and put him under a general anaesthetic. And they were going to transfer him by ambulance back to NY Presbyterian.  He was stable (no longer anesthetized) by the time they transferred him (about 2 pm).

So once again, my thoughtful honey is four blocks from our home, instead of the hour schlep to Second Avenue and 17th Street.  He is in the Neuro ICU, which is once again the Milstein Building, 8th floor, this time Garden South, Room 356.

Brian has been asleep since Wednesday afternoon. He is still intubated. And they have done a CT scan, a lumbar puncture (spinal tap), lots and lots of blood work, and tonight at 9 he is to get a brain MRI. All to find out why he is still sleeping. He also has EEG leads on his head, under a kind of skullcap, to monitor seizures. He has not had one since Thursday morning at about 8 am, when he had a couple of isolated short ones.

By Tuesday, he was actually doing quite well in rehab (starting to stand with help, walking with a great deal of mechanical and human assistance, and he and I had been trained to transfer him to and from the bed and wheelchair). I had had the big "family meeting" with all his therapists and docs, about starting to tiptoe toward returning home at the end of next week. His steroids were once again being s-l-o-w-l-y tapered, the new "cocktail" of a little testosterone every two weeks and Ritalin every morning, was really helping his strength and demeanor. And he was looking forward to seeing Betty and the tomcats, and sleeping in our bed.

Of course, that's all up in the air, now.

As of late this morning, Brian was still asleep.  The neurology and Neuro-oncology teams continue to do tests to find out why. He has a very slight viral infection, which he probably got from his roomie at Rusk.

Brian is able to have visitors, and in fact, I think it's a good thing. The nurses and I speak to him as if he were awake, which is not only important, but also feels more supportive, and oddly comforting. I am in and out throughout the day, so text me (917 4351927) if and when you are planning to visit.

There are no set visiting hours, but for now, a facemask must be worn.  We are at:
                NY Presbyterian Hospital, Neurology ICU
                Milstein Bldg, Ft Washington just south of 168th Street
                Eighth floor, Garden South, (you'll see the sign as you get off the elevator)

                Room 356

I hope to know more by tomorrow, after the MRI. And maybe he will be awake by then...

Please keep those prayers and good thoughts coming.

Please keep those Prayer Wheels spinning, and ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to continue sending Strong Healing Prayers to Brian.  Wrap him in a Blue Blanket of Healing and include Kushi in your embrace of strength and comfort.  Add the extra prayers to Ellen and Winn that Brian and Kushi be enveloped in the Divine Spirit's Healing Strength.


May the Love reflected in this photo bring Strength and Good Health to Brian as we all Pray to the Divine Spirit that it will come to pass.  and, may your Good Deeds be returned to you, many-fold.  Thank you all, so very much!


Send Strong Prayers to return Brian to Good Health, please.