May 2, 2019

Eliza Howard

It all started around 10:00 am today:

Eliza awoke to pains, which felt more like pressure in her upper chest and back, along with the same pressure in her lower jaw.

After very little discussion, I called my cardiologist's office, to see what their advice was - even though we both knew this was going to be ... A Visit To the ER.

In less than an hour, Eliza was being examined by at least two nurses and one doctor, while I stood by and Prayed.

The initial diagnosis was that Eliza had experienced a cardiac episode, the type of which was not specified.  They took blood, checked her with a echocardiogram, and did other diagnostics, including an X-Ray.  The blood came back nearly normal, nothing untoward showed up on the X-Ray, and one enzyme needed to be checked two more times.  Once at 9 PM and once more tomorrow.

So for now, Eliza is staying in Halifax Hospital over night, in Room 302.

I've come home to take care of the cats, do my nebulizer breathing, and gather a few things to take to Eliza tonight.  I will be there most of the evening, until either the nurses - or Eliza - kick me out.

Please ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to send Strong Prayers for Eliza to heal quickly, not have any serious issues, and be allowed to come home tomorrow. After all the times I've been in the hospital, she has not only been able to avoid the same fate but also be an incredible care-giver to me.  I only pray that I can return the favor.

I hope to know more by tomorrow, after the tests have been conducted and the results are in. As soon as I can, I will somehow communicate the update to all.

Please, get your Prayer Wheels spinning, and ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to continue sending Strong Healing Prayers to Eliza.  Wrap her in a Blue Blanket of Healing and guide her doctors to a return to excellent health.