November 10, 2017

Alex Howard

Dear Extended Family and Friends,

As you know from Thai's emails, I'm home and recovering from a very strange quick hit of pneumonia, with a side of sepsis.  To start with feeling like I was freezing, complete with teeth chattering, and a temp of 95.5, and go to 103.1 in the ER in a matter of three hours, is an astounding situation. Fortunately the ER was empty and they took amazing care of me.

As they did while I was in hospital - Halifax Hospital, in Port Orange - that's the town in which we now live.

So I got home early Wednesday evening and have been building up my strength since then.  It's a slow process, but I know with your continued Prayers for Strength and Healing, along with similar Prayers for Eliza who has been, once again, an incredible care-giver, I will be back to normal soon.

Eliza's sister Helene is an RN and her knowledge and angel self kicked in to help me get to the ER and to help me once back home.  She was and is wonderful!

Thank You All, for sending Prayers and such strong ones, too.  Once you all started sending them, I started feeling them and knew that I was going to come out of this one okay.



Please ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to send Prayers of Strength, Healing and Comfort to both Eliza and Alex.

Thank you all, very much!  We pray your Good Deeds be returned to you many-fold.

Healing Buddha Image

Healing Buddha Image