November 11, 2017

Gina Sharpe

We received an email from Gina Sharpe yesterday.  Serious Prayers for Healing and Comfort are needed.  Gina wrote:

On October 26, after having taught a 10-day retreat, at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, with Jack Kornfield, I went to San Francisco for lunch with friends; I was to fly home the next day.

I slipped on sand on the pavement and fell.  I dislocated and fractured my left ankle in 4 places, bones were crushed, and some ligaments were torn.

I had five hours of surgery the next day, and have been grounded until further notice so I am unable to return home until at least November 21st, when I see the surgeon for my second follow up... 

Please send prayers for a speedy and complete healing. 

Thank you.  Love,


Please crank up your Prayer Wheels and ask Your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to surround Gina with a Healing Blue Blanket.  Ask The Spirit Doctor Thane Beltoth to supervise her surgeons, to ensure that Gina is helped to heal perfectly, painlessly, and swiftly.

Thank you all, very much!  We pray your Good Deeds be returned to you many-fold.

Adriano's Buddha Image PAinting

Seated Buddha Image; painting by Adriano Valentino; used with permission.