November 27, 2017


From an email sent by Thai, we have this:

Dear Friends,

Tomorrow morning, November 28, Eirene will go into surgery at Palisades General.

Please send strong prayers to guide the doctors, so that they can see clearly where the problems lie and can make the necessary repairs, and begin the much-needed healing process.

Eirene was told that it will be a long procedure, so please send her prayers for good strength and for a successful outcome.


Su & Thai

Please crank up your Prayer Wheels and send the Strongest Prayers for Healing and Strength to Eirene, surrounding her with a Blue Blanket of Healing.  Include Prayers for Eirene's Surgical Team, that they perform flawlessly, and bring Healing and Comfort to Eirene.

Ask the Divine Spirit to send Thane Beltoth, the Spirit Doctor who has guided so many of our recoveries over the years. so that he stand watch over this surgical procedure tomorrow.

And may your Good Karma and Positive Energy be returned, many-fold.

Buddha Image from DS

A Buddha Image for Healing