November 29, 2018


Status on my back.

First, during this Thanksgiving Season, I want to give thanks to all for your prayers, kind thoughts, and concern about my many health issues; specifically, my back.  Without your prayers, I doubt that I would be able to sit and write this web page.

Thank you All!

As we posted before, my back pains had kicked up quite a bit.  For my extreme back pain, I had been undergoing a series of Spinal Surgical Procedures and Cortisone shots, in the hopes that the pain will be reduced significantly.

Truly a good news-bad news situation.  The Cortisone shots and Radio Frequency Ablation, or RFA, were effective to a degree. Under most situations, all is well and there is no pain.

However, there are times - like when I wake up in the morning - when it feels worse in my lower back and down my legs to my knees.  At those times, it feels as if nothing has been done.

This past Monday, my neurologist said that if/when I am ready to pursue other options, he would recommend me to a doctor he knows at the Mayo Clinic, in Jacksonville, Florida.  The last time this came up, I told them to hold the mayo; this time, I am very close to asking for the referral. It simply makes no sense to me that after all those shots and the RFA there is still such incredible pain.


And still, Pink Cloud helps me to laugh to keep from crying.  I know the Divine Spirit is taking care of me, and am secure in the knowledge that the right path will present itself to me.


Once more, please ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to send Strong Prayers my way.  Prayers to wrap me in a healing blue blanket and to help me make the right decision about whether to go to the Mayo Clinic, in the near future.


Please also wrap Eliza in a blanket of calm comfort, as she is always by my side through all.


As always, may your Kind Thoughts, Strong Prayers, and Good Deeds be returned to you, many-fold.  Thank you all, very much!