October 23, 2017


We received an email from Kushi (Scott Barnes) asking that we post this:

     To my dear Dharma brothers and sisters, students of Ellen Resch: Once again, Brian and I thank you for your powerful, loving prayers, thoughts and meditations on our behalf. As you did in 2010 when I had my 35 day adventure at Mt. Sinai followed by months of convalescing, you are now our “first responders” as we weather this newest challenge. Brian returns to his job with Florida Grand Opera on Monday. This next week he will meet his Miami-based neurology/oncology team, and get the ball rolling in anticipation of the six weeks of by-pill chemo and pin-point radiation (5 times a week) that will begin the first week of November — followed by our annual trip to the Wexford Festival Opera, our own enchanted Brigadoon that surfaces every October for three weeks. For about the fifteenth time, Brian will be reviewing the various productions for Opera News magazine, and this year he has been asked to emcee Wexford's Gala on October 29th!  I’m happy to report that (barring any errant 80 year old birthday parties) Tanta Thai will once again be our beloved traveling companion. Since the doctors advised a 3-5 week waiting period before treatment, this works out perfectly. 

     As for Brian’s tumor: it was a glioblastoma, which is an “aggressive” tumor, meaning they like to grow back.  So after the initial six weeks, he will have 23 days off, and then a month of the chemo pills again — and that will repeat for six months. Every other month MRIs and weekly blood tests will be part of his foreseeable future. But you and I deal with the unforeseeable; the vibrational. When the doc says 25% of glioblastomas recur, I hear 75% don’t. This is not a time for us to be heroic in our loneliness for one another, so I will step up my visits to Miami during the opera season, and I’m eager for a great job that will return Brian to the NYC area thereafter.

     Brian and I are both resilient; we are blest with base-line good health, and most importantly

we love each other, and enjoy the love of many, many friends and family. So I humbly and selfishly ask that you continue to hold us in that Love in what ever way you see fit. The light from your halos is beautiful and strong.

Love from Kushi.


Please, continue to ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to surround Brian and Kushi with Healing Energies, and Strength to get through whatever comes their way. And may your Good Karma be returned to you all, many-fold.

Healing BUddha Image 

Healing Buddha Image