September 11, 2017

Hurricane Irma

It’s all over but the heavy winds.  We lost a bunch of shingles from the roof, a few large Palm Fronds from other yards hit the house at Zero Dark Fifteen and scared the living … solid waste out of us. 

But the important thing is that aside from losing a large number of shingles from our roof, and losing power a few times – necessitating my making nice to our ATT Cable connection – and enduring the very heavy wind noises, blowing through the louvered corrugated steel shutters, we made it!  I repeat:


I offer this aside:  today is the anniversary of Nine-Eleven, and so please send Prayers to those we lost to this tragedy.

I think, all in all, Dolly and Dixie did better than we did.  They seemed to be unfazed by all the noises, the activity, like Eliza taping the windows and the blinds, and us rushing into the bedroom suite to be sure they were okay.  When we did, they’d look up from their cat naps as if to say, “Why are you waking us up?”

We cannot thank you all enough for your Strong Prayers of Protection and Calm.  As always and – you know I’m one who can tell you for sure – Your Prayers Worked!

Again, we Thank You and Your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides for protecting us and keeping us calm during this amazing display of Mother Nature's fury.

Thank you all, very much!  I pray your Good Deeds be returned to you many-fold.

Central Park Calming Trees

Calming Trees in Central Park; photo by ET with permission.