September 7, 2017

Hurricane Irma

This is an urgent call for Prayers for all people in the path of Hurricane Irma.  They're facing a hurricane reported to be stronger than Harvey, last month in Houston, and estimated to be the strongest hurricane ever recorded.  One expert said that if the scale went that high, it would be a Category Six (6)!

Helene, Eliza, Dolly, Dixie, Samantha, Missy, and I are among those in the path of this monster.  It is predicted to hit our area, Daytona Beach, Florida, by Sunday. 

The actual path of this monster storm keeps changing, so they are not sure how hard it will hit us all by the time it reaches this far up the Florida peninsula.

My situation is somewhat sketchy, as I require oxygen constantly and was due for a delivery of a dozen portable tanks tomorrow, Friday.  Because of the storm, the company which provides my tanks is short on tanks and is not sure if they will have any for me, nor are they able to refill my currently empty tanks, were I able to bring them to their offices.  I cam now scrounging around for oxygen to ride out the storm and have been told to register with a 'special needs facility.'

This request for prayers is more for the others in the Path of the Storm, as I am sure The Spirit will provide for us and bring us through this event.

Please ask your Divine Spirit Teachers and Guides to send Strong Prayers for Healing, Safety, and Protection and ask that they guide all First Responders and other Emergency Responders to provide the best assistance and aid possible.  And bring Strength, Endurance and Safety to those First Responders who will be leaving one disaster area - Harvey, in Texas - and moving to another here in Florida to help us all.

Thank you all, very much!  I pray your Good Deeds be returned to you many-fold.

Central Park Calming Trees

Calming Trees in Central Park; photo by ET with permission.